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NDUS 1200 Series

Section 1200 [Index]

1200.1 Consolidated IT Services 

1201.0 Information Technology Planning, Reporting and Project Management

V1201-01 Information Technology Approval Process

1202.1 Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy

1202.2 Incident Response

V1202.02 Technology Services Security Incident Response Policy

1202.3 Data Privacy Policy

1203.1 Digital Accessibility

V1203.01 VCSU Accessibility of Digital Information and Services

1205.1 State Longitudinal Data System

1206.1 Data Element Dictionary – Data Quality and Integrity

V1220.01 Full-Time Access To VCSU Laptop Computers

V1220.02 Employee Access to Technology Services

V1221.01 Digital Signage (2022)