A. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to regulate the use of digital signage at Valley City State University (hereafter VCSU). Digital signs share information and promote programs sponsored by VCSU or university-affiliated organizations.


This policy:

  • helps ensure we present VCSU in a consistent and high-quality manner, 
  • provides flexibility regarding the responsibility for content creation and management as may be agreed between a particular department or office subscriber and Marketing and Communications,
  • allows inclusion of university-wide content on most or all digital displays owned by VCSU,
  • ensures efficiency and quality of the service through system standards.


This policy applies to all students and employees, as well as personnel of affiliated organizations conducting business on the properties owned or controlled by VCSU. 


B. Roles and Responsibilities

  1. VCSU Information Technology Services and Marketing and Communications shall partner to deliver a “Viking Digital Signage Service” (the Service) on the VCSU campus.  Several digital signs across campus with general content will continue to be managed and funded centrally by Technology Services and Marketing and Communications.   
  2. Departments, Offices and other organizations operating on the VCSU campus may subscribe to this comprehensive Service for an annual fee.  Multiple Departments or Offices can agree to share a digital sign and split the annual fee.  Each subscriber will work with Marketing and Communications to define the mixture of subscriber-specific and University-level content to be displayed, as well as the content update strategy to be used.  Subscribers will notify Marketing and Communications about content substance or format issues.  Subscribers will notify Technology Services about any issues with hardware functionality or subscription invoices.
  3. VCSU Technology Services is responsible for the following items:
    1. Purchase, maintain and troubleshoot all necessary equipment, licenses and third-party services. 
    2. Coordinate the location and installation of new digital signage with Facilities Services, Marketing and Communications, as well as any department associated with a specific sign.
    3. Establish pricing and facilitate billing for the Service.
  4.  VCSU Marketing and Communications is responsible for the following items: 
    1. Assist departments subscribing to the Viking Digital Signage Service with content development and display. 
    2. Create and manage University-level content on centrally funded signs.
    3. Provide oversight and guidelines for displayed content including content associated with the Service, as well as any content displayed on digital signage not associated with the Service.  Reference the Exclusions section for digital signage not associated with the Service.

C. General Guidelines

  • Content may not include messages or advertisements from non-university organizations without written permission from the Director of Marketing and Communication.
  • Corporate logos may not be used on digital signage except as approved in writing by Marketing and Communications. Events, lectures, activities sponsored and/or hosted by donors, corporate sponsors and/or non-profit agencies can be listed with prior consent of the University and the other party.
  • All content shall adhere to SBHE Policies, NDUS Procedures and VCSU Policies, including but not limited to the following items of clarification:
  • Displayed content may not include use of copyrighted materials without permission or license.
  • Digital signage may not display partisan political statements, links, or information.  This requirement does not prevent VCSU recognized clubs or organizations from announcing activities or meetings without bias to others.
  • Content must follow VCSU Marketing and Communications guidelines associated with this policy and other general brand guidelines.
  • Marketing and Communications reserves the right to remove content that violates policies or procedures; any content that does not meet VCSU branding standards; and any content that does not meet the digital signage guidelines published by Marketing and Communications.  This right extends to all digital signage on the VCSU Campus, regardless of association to the Viking Digital Signage Service.
  • All signage displays should be powered on and operational during building hours.
  • All digital signage installations shall comply with fire code, ADA requirements and structural standards set or directed by Facilities Services.


D. Procedures

  1.  All new or replacement digital signage shall be requested and approved by completing a One Stop form titled, Digital Signage.
  2.  There will be an initial commitment of 4 years for new subscribers. An annual billing will be sent to each subscriber.
  3.  Upon approval of the request and financial commitment, the following activities can occur simultaneously:
    1. Technology Services will coordinate and manage the site selection, technology procurement, and installation of the digital signage.
    2. The subscriber will work with Marketing and Communications to select templates, design the content and determine who will manage the various content. 
  4.  Digital Signage technology will be upgraded periodically, e.g. software will be updated as updates become available from the vendor, and electronic hardware every 5 years or less.  Typically, this will not require any work on the part of subscribers.  Subscriber requests for more frequent upgrades should be directed to Technology Services for consideration.
  5.  At the end of a commitment period, subscribers can cancel the Service or renew their commitment.  If multiple parties share cost on a particular sign, all parties must agree to renew.  


E. Exclusions

Digital Signage systems in use prior to the promulgation of this policy will be permitted to remain in use until the signage equipment is either upgraded or replaced, or December 31, 2025, whichever comes first.  This exception only applies if the signage complies with all applicable building codes. At the point in time when these grandfathered systems must be replaced, the owner must do one of the following: a) subscribe to the Viking Digital Signage Service, b) remove the digital sign, or c) obtain a written exemption from both the Director of Marketing and Communications and the Chief Information Officer.


Electronic menu boards maintained by food service locations on the VCSU campus are NOT required to subscribe to the Service, however they shall adhere to SBHE policies, NDUS procedures and VCSU policies.


Note: Technology Services and Marketing and Communications have no obligation to support digital signage outside of the Viking Digital Signage Service.


Sponsor:  Chief Information Officer

Effective: 02/21/2022