A. Purpose

Controlling access to buildings and rooms is a vital element in maintaining VCSU campus security. This policy provides guidelines for the control and issuance of access devices.

B. Definition

All mention of the term "access device" within this policy will refer to the University's keys, computerized access cards, and any future access devices used on any approved access system at Valley City State University.

C. General Provisions

1. The Facilities Services department is charged with the responsibility to coordinate access control and building security policies

  1. Each department/unit is responsible for ensuring that proper building security practices are maintained by each respective department.
  2. Each department/unit is responsible for ensuring the return of key(s) and requesting removal of access of a department member or student who no longer needs access to an area.
  3. Institutional Security System enhancements: An electronic network has been established to provide access control and monitor various activities on campus, involving access control devices, intrusion devices, and video cameras, where applicable. The access control devices are installed at select interior and exterior doors and spaces.

2. Procedure for issuance of access devices to employees

  1. Supervisors request specific access devices for employees by completing and signing the key request form or the card access request form.
  2. Facilities staff determines if the request is appropriate and is within the interest of campus safety and security and have issuance authority. Formal written appeals related to Facilities staff determination may be made to the Vice President for Business Affairs and President.
  3. Facilities maintains a database of access devices issued and returned
  4. Employees present a valid VCSU ID at time of issuance of approved access device(s).

3. Procedure for issuance of access devices to students

  1. Residence hall access devices are issued to students by the Housing staff
  2. Facilities Services issues access devices to student workers only under special circumstances. For student positions defined by, or matching, the positions in V602.3.1 VCSU Criminal Records Check Policy, access devices will not be issued until results of a background records check are reviewed and approved.
  3. Access devices may be provided to students for entry to buildings or specific rooms after hours for instructional use. Facilities Services will determine the specific buildings to which access will be permitted. It is the responsibility of the course instructor to inform the Facilities Services staff of the times designated areas should be available to students and the names of the students who have been granted permission to access these areas after hours. After approval, students sign for the access device from a Facilities Services professional at time of issuance.

4. Duplication of university access devices is not permitted

5. Lending of access devices to others is not permitted

6. Access device exchange

  1. Swapping access devices between individuals is prohibited.
  2. Individuals will contact the Facilities Services office to assist in transference of access devices.

7. Inventory Audit

  1. The Facilities Services department will perform an annual audit of all issued access devices. The Facilities department reserves the right to perform an access device audit at any time.
  2. As a result of the annual audit, the Facilities Services department will determine if the current level of access is appropriate for the job position.
  3. The Facilities department reserves the right to recover from employees any access devices that grant the employees access other than what is required for their position.
  4. Individuals and the department have the right to appeal decisions made by the Facilities Services department by contacting the Vice President for Business Affairs.

8. Vendors and Contractors

  1. Vendors and Contractors will be required to check out access devices from the Facilities office.
  2. A temporary access device contract will be completed and signed by the individual requesting the access device at the time of issue and will be dated and initialed by a Facilities staff member upon return of the device.

9. Return of access devices

  1. All employees who leave employment with VCSU must complete the campus check-out procedure, which includes turning in all access devices to Facilities Services. Returned devices will be matched against the access record for the employee to ensure all devices are returned.
  2. Employees will return access devices or notify the Facilities Services office when specific access is no longer needed to perform the employee's assigned responsibilities.

10. Loss or failure to return access devices

  1. If an employee or student fails to return an issued access device, facilities services will contact the employee or student to secure return of the devices.
  2. Employees and students may be personally charged for the cost of re-keying offices or buildings if physical keys are lost or not returned as required.
  3. If an access device is lost or stolen, it is the responsibility of the individual assigned the device to notify the Facilities department immediately.
  4. It is a security breach when a lost, stolen, or non-returned key is either an outside door key or a building master key. It is mandatory that the affected doors be re-keyed. The responsible party or department may be billed for incurred costs.

Sponsor: VCSU Safety Office and Facilities Services

Effective: June 2012

Revised:  March 2020