The VCSU Viking Card is the official Valley City State University identification card. All on-campus faculty, staff and students are required to have a Viking Card for identification, security, and access to University buildings and services. The card should be carried at all times while on the VCSU campus. Cardholder must present card for identification if requested by a University official. The card is valuable and should be treated like cash, a credit card or a key. 

Valley City State University issues an all-campus card subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. To obtain a Viking Card, an individual must first be assigned a university generated identification number, and be present on campus to receive the card. If off campus, another employee acting on behalf of VCSU may personally deliver the card; mailing is not permitted.
  2. The Viking Card is intended for campus use only and must be returned upon request.
  3. The Viking Card is non-transferable and will be confiscated and returned to the Student Center Information Desk if found in the possession of another person.
  4. The Viking Card must be presented upon any request for campus services.
  5. The cardholder will not damage or alter the card in any manner. This includes, but is not limited to, punching holes in or affixing unapproved stickers to the card.
  6. The Viking Card, transactions and activities related to the use of the card, and any account balances are the sole responsibility of the individual cardholder.
  7. IMMEDIATELY report lost, found, or stolen cards to the VCSU Student Center Information Desk (701-845-7990).  Users may also deactivate lost or stolen cards in eAccounts.
  8. A replacement Viking Card can be obtained at the Student Center Information Desk for a $25 fee. A photo ID is required at the time of replacement.
  9. The Viking Card is valid for as long as the person retains their student, faculty or staff status at VCSU.
  10. A fee may be charged for all new cards and a replacement fee is charged for any lost, stolen or invalid card. Cards for all faculty and staff may be charged to his/her department. Billing information is required at the time of the card production. 
  11. Cardholders may only possess one valid ID card. Any card that has been replaced after it was lost or stolen is no longer valid. Cards cannot be reactivated.
  12. Associate Status for any individual/group must have prior approval by the VCSU President or Vice President for Student Affairs. Associate Status is granted to groups or individuals who may work on or visit the campus, but are not students or staff of the University. Associate Status does not guarantee access to all VCSU activities, events, and facilities.
  13. A Viking Card may be revoked if it is determined that abuse of the privileges associated with the Viking Card has occurred. Students who misuse their Viking Cards may also be referred to the Vice President of Student Affairs for possible disciplinary actions. Faculty or staff misuse will be reported to the faculty or staff member's supervisor.


Viking Dollars is a debit card service that is linked to the VCSU Viking Card. This benefit is free to ALL students, faculty and staff. There are NO hidden charges, expenses or interest.

  1. A $5 minimum is required for opening a Viking Dollars account and for additional deposits.
  2. No minimum balance must be maintained.
  3. Cash refunds are not given for any Viking Card purchases at any participating merchants. Credit is returned to the Viking Card account.
  4. Viking Dollars balances carry over from semester to semester. Refunds on any balance above $20 at the end of the academic year are available by submitting a Refund Form. For balances below $20, the user is required to spend out this amount.
  5. For those students who are graduating, withdrawing, or cancelling enrollment from the University, and who also have a balance of $20 or more on their Viking Dollars accounts, the University will first apply the balance to the student's university account. If there is no money owed to the student's VCSU account, a refund will be generated. Balances under $20 must be spent out within a year of the last transaction (see item 6 below).
  6. Account balances under $20 will be cleared for accounts that are inactive for more than one year from the date of the last transaction.
  7. Customers with checks returned for insufficient funds will have accounts frozen until payment is received.
  8. Funds are non-transferable.
  9. IMMEDIATELY report lost or stolen cards to the VCSU Student Center Information Desk (701-845-7122).  Users may also deactivate lost or stolen cards in eAccounts.

Once the card has been reported lost, the cardholder is not responsible for any additional purchases. Per federal regulations, the cardholder is responsible for up to $50 if the lost or stolen card is reported within two business days. If the lost or stolen card is not reported within two business days, the cardholder can be liable up to $500 or the total account balance, whichever is lower.

Privacy Statement: Through the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, also known as FERPA or the Buckley Amendment, data collected on the use of University facilities and services by an individual cardholder will only be used for University purposes within FERPA guidelines. Information regarding a cardholder's account will not be provided to third parties unless required by applicable laws or within written permission of the cardholder.

Sponsor: Vice President for Business Affairs

Effective: July 2012

Revised: January 2013

Revised:  July 2020