A.  Eligibility

  1. Full-time students residing within North Dakota are eligible to receive a current model laptop computer.  Full-time students residing within the USA, but not within North Dakota, are eligible for a new or previous model laptop per procedures established by the CIO (Chief Information Officer).
  2. VCSU laptop computers are available on a full-time basis to part-time students and campus affiliates located in the U.S.A. for an extra charge on a first come, first served, as available basis. Some part-time students may be entitled to a VCSU laptop at no extra charge per procedures established by the CIO.

B.  Procedure

  1. The VCSU CIO shall manage and publish procedures related to student laptop computer distribution.  Reference the document titled: “Entire Semester, Full-time access to VCSU Laptop Computers” within the VCSU One Stop.
  2. Any request for exceptions to this policy and associated procedure must be approved in writing by the CIO.  

Sponsor: Chief Information Officer

Approved: October 2008

Revised: August 2019

Revised and Renumbered:  December 2021