FAMIS CLOUD (Online Work Order System) - LINK TO SITE

FAMIS Cloud is web access to our maintenance management software for the end-user that allows for the electronic entry of a service request whether it is general maintenance, request for an estimate, or department-funded work. The user will also be able to query existing service requests to find detail information and status of the request, based on each individual user privilege determined by the requesting department.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Will I need a new login ID and password?

FAMIS Cloud utilizes single sign-on for the username and password.  Once you open the link you will be prompted to enter your NDUS credentials.

Will I receive notifications concerning my work order?

Yes, you will receive notifications any time your service request is updated by Facilities Services staff. 

You will also be able to review all of your past work orders in one, easy viewing screen. You will have the ability to view the details, status, etc. 

Is FAMIS Cloud easy to use?

FAMIS Cloud is very user-friendly. By following the prompts, you will be guided through the entire entry.