Client Information and Informed Consent for Services


VCSU Counseling Services are available at no cost to all VCSU students and employees. 


All communication with your counselor is confidential and will not, except under circumstances explained below, be disclosed to anyone outside of Counseling Services unless you give written authorization to release information. You will need to sign a Release of Information (ROI). You will need to sign a ROI if you wish to have Counseling Services professional staff communicate information to anyone other than those specified below. 


A brief record is kept of your work with us. It contains information you have provided to us as well as counseling notes of your sessions. The record remains in Counseling Services. Your record never leaves the Counseling Services Office and never becomes a part of your educational record. 

Limits of Confidentiality: 

Most limits to confidentiality are to ensure safety.


  1. If there is evidence of imminent danger of harm to yourself or others, we must take action.
  2. If you describe abuse of a child or elder, we must report to the appropriate agency.
  3. In a court order we may be required to release information.
  4. If you were referred to the Counseling Office through a disciplinary process and failed to follow through with the services, we may be required to notify the source of referral.

In the interest of most effectively serving your needs, we may consult with relevant personnel.