In order to advance quality program content and student success, Valley City State University (VCSU) is committed to employing highly qualified faculty who demonstrate a strong commitment to teaching excellence and student learning.  VCSU employs qualified faculty to teach face to face, online, and through dual credit/early entry. VCSU evaluates each faculty member as part of the hiring process and uses this policy to identify qualified faculty.


VCSU uses HLC’s Assumed Practice B. Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources, and Support to establish baseline qualifications as outlined below.   At time of hire, faculty must meet either A or B, below.


A.  All faculty should have a master’s or doctorate degree in their teaching field.


B.  Individuals holding a master’s or doctorate not in field must meet one of the following additional criteria:


1.       Academic Qualifications—18 graduate credits in teaching field


2.       Professional Experience—


a.      Work experience:  minimum of 8,000 hours in relevant, non-academic professional work related directly to coursework being taught.

b.      Faculty Teaching Education courses:  minimum of 8,000 hours of professional work experience in k-12 school at the level of program being taught


3.      Professional Engagement (must meet 3a OR 3b):


a.      Advanced, nationally recognized certification in professional field (e.g., CPA, Microsoft Suite, AT, etc.).  Certification must be maintained to qualify.

b.      A combination of the following items, to equal 18 credits:

                                                    i.     Up to 9 graduate credits of transcripted professional development credits (continuing education credits in field 1 credit for every 2 earned)

                                                   ii.     Presentations and/or publications completed relevant to courses taught (1 credit each for up to 3 college  credits)

                                                  iii.     Teaching experience in field (1 credits/5 years; up to 3 credits total)

                                                  iv.     Equivalent of college level teaching experience:  AP, senior level high school courses, dual credit (2.25 credits/1000 hours)

                                                   v.     Graduate coursework in the field of teaching


4.      Life Experience—

a.      For language teachers:  cultural and language fluency

b.      For music, art, coaching:  5 year history of performance


Faculty must be qualified at the time of hire.  In rare instances where the search is unproductive or the opening comes too late to search, an emergency hire may be necessary that does not meet the qualifications indicated.  To continue in the position beyond the emergency period, this individual must respond to a national search and complete the necessary work to meet qualifications standards.


In rare occasions, it may be necessary to hire an adjunct faculty member in a specialized field who does not have a master’s degree.  Individuals with Bachelor’s degree only may teach on a limited basis (part time only) if they meet at least one of the tested experience items in section B, above.  They may only teach 100 and 200 level courses in their field.


Faculty Qualifications at the time of hire will be made by the Department Chair, the Search Committee, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  The qualifications will be documented in form AA-9, which will be placed in the individual’s personnel file.

Sponsor:  Faculty Senate

Effective:  April 2019