Congrats on your new hire! Below is information on the new hire forms that needs to be completed for the Facilities Services department.

  1. Building Access: please complete the online for to request building/office access, as well as any other access needed for the position, including electronic access.
  2. Office Change/Setup:  this form is used to request any office moving that needs to happen for this position, as well as any furniture that needs to be relocated or purchased.
  3. Name Tag/Door Sign/Desk Plate:  this form is used to request a VCSU name tag, office door sign, and desk plate.
  4. State Fleet Usage Request:  this form is used if the new hire will need to use state fleet vehicles as part of their job responsibilities.  This form indicates the new hire needs to be enrolled in the next face-to-face Defensive Driving Course, or to be enrolled in the online course.  This form will also trigger sending out the REQUIRED VCSU Policy and Procedure Review.  *There is also an additional training for large passenger vans (15 passenger)- if this is required for the position, please indicate on this form.
  5. State Fleet Driver ID:  if the new hire will be using state vehicles, they will need to have a unique Driver ID for fueling.  Once received, this number will be sent directly to the new hire from ND State Fleet Services.
  6. Parking Permit:  Parking permits are $50.00 for the full year or $25.00 for the spring semester.