Request a Visitor Parking Pass

VCSU welcomes visitors on campus, but Visitor Parking Passes or Day Passes are required. If you will be a guest on campus, please pick up your pass (free of charge) at the VCSU Parking Office located in the Facilities Services Office or a "Day Pass" from the Information Desk located in the Memorial Student Center. 

Visitor Parking Options 

 Day Visits 

Please see the "Parking Lot Information" link to view a map of available parking lots. Guests are allowed to park in any lot, except Employee Lots, on campus, as long as a "Visitor Parking Pass" or "Day Pass" is displayed.

Memorial Student Union- West Lot 

There is guest parking available in the west parking lot at the Memorial Student Union. Visitor passes or day passes are required to park in these spaces (if a permit is not displayed, the vehicle may be at risk of receiving a ticket).

Weekend Visits 

Please see the Parking Lot Information to view a map of available parking lots. Guests are allowed to park in any lot, except Employee Lots and the North Student Center Lot, on campus during the weekend, as long as a "Visitor Parking Pass" is displayed.

Under special circumstances (i.e. President's Guest House stay or other event approved by the Parking office PRIOR to the event) overnight parking would be allowed in the West Student Center parking lot with a "Visitor Parking Pass". 


*The North Student Union lot does not allow overnight parking

Event Parking 

If you have scheduled an event on campus during the week, please contact the VCSU Parking Office at 701-845-7701 for parking instructions.

If you will be hosting an event that will require 3 or more parking spaces, please review the Large Group Parking instructions and contact the Parking Office to make arrangements- 701-845-7701.

Prospective Students 

Visitor passes are available at no charge for a prospective student's visit to campus. Please contact Enrollment Services for more information at: 1-800-532-8641, ext.7101 or 701-845-7101.


Departmental Guest Passes 

VCSU departments may request guest passes from the VCSU Parking Office at no charge for guest speakers, presenters, etc.

Visitor Parking Citations 

VCSU will excuse most parking citations issued to a visitor (except handicap, fire lane or others determined by the Parking Office)

To have a visitor ticket excused mail the ticket with name and address to:

Valley City State University

Parking Office

101 College Street SW

Valley City, ND 58072

-or call the Parking Office at: 1-800-532-8641 ext. 37705 and give the ticket number, name, address, and explanation.