Do all of the parking lots require a permit?

Yes. All of the lots on the VCSU campus require either a student permit, employee permit or a guest pass.

Can I park overnight in the parking lots?

You may park overnight in the following lots:




-Kolstoe East and West

-Foss Hall East and West

-Science Center East and West

The North and West Student Center Lots, McCarthy Hall and the Facilities Lots DO NOT allow overnight parking.

Where can I park during holidays?

You may park in any of the lots during holiday breaks EXCEPT the North and West Student Center Lots. The Parking Office does not ticket any lots EXCEPT the Student Center lots during holidays.

What if I have a guest on campus?

They will need to pick up a guest pass at the Parking Office located in the Facilities Services building to place in their car to avoid being ticketed.

What should I do if my car won't start during the winter and I am parked in a lot?

Please contact the Parking Office as soon as possible to avoid being ticketed. We have staff who can help you get your car started or move it to a different location.

What should I do if I get to campus for class and there are no parking spots available?

Try arriving to class at least 10 minutes early to avoid this problem. There are always spots available but you might have to walk a little farther than planned (from building to building, there is never more than a 2-3 block walk.