1. Log into Campus Connection.

2. Click on the Academic Progress tile.

3. Click on My Academic Requirements.

4. Courses will be marked with the corresponding Taken, In Progress and Planned icons throughout the report

Academic Requirements Report

5.) "Satisfied" and an arrow pointing to the right indicates that a required area is satisfied.

6.) "Not Satisfied" and an arrow pointing down indicates that a required area is not satisfied.

7.) On the academic requirement report you may see courses titled TRNSFR 100-400, TRNSFR HUMLIT, MUS 100ELECT, etc. These are courses that transferred from another school that VCSU did not have an equivalent course for, but credit was still given. To find out what those courses' prefixes, numbers and titles were at the original institution, you must run your Unofficial w/ Transfer Details transcript in Campus Connection. There is a separate article that shows students how to View/Print Unofficial Transcript.

8.) If a Course Substitution is fulfilling a requirement, a blue number will appear in the Notes column. To see what the course substitution is, click on that blue number. A description of the course substitution will display.
9.) For a printer friendly version, click the View Report as PDF button at the top of the report.

To view this help document with pictures, please see the attached file.