1. Log into Campus Connection
  2. Click on the tile 'Academic Records'
  3. Click on 'View Unofficial Transcript'
  4. Select the institution you wish to view or print a transcript from
  5. Click the drop-down option for 'Report Type' then select either 'Unoff PDF Transfer Details' or 'Unoff PDF Transfer Summary'
    • The 'Unoff PDF Transfer Details' report will include each institution you took courses at and will list each course separately under the term in which they were taken
    • The 'Unoff PDF Transfer Summary' report will include the institution you took courses, the number of credits that transferred, and the GPA received there in a one line summary
    • If you have no transfer credits both the reports will display the same information
  6. After choosing the report type, click 'Submit'
  7. If your transcript doesn't automatically open in a new window, select the most recent request then click 'View Report'

To view a help document with pictures, please see the attached file.