Please complete the following steps in numerical order (1-5) to change your name.

  1. Complete a new Form I-9.
    • Go to Employee Self Service -> Personal Details -> Form I9
    • Bring your acceptable identification documents with your new name to the Human Resources/Payroll office at McFarland 211. Notify HR/Payroll if you wish to use a Notary Public as a designated agent in place of completing the form in person.
      • A social security card is required.
      • One document from List A OR B is also required.

        Graphic showing document requirement

  2. NDUS: Complete the Name Change Form and attach your supporting documents.
  3. NDPERS (If applicable): Update your account at:
  4. ND Gov (If applicable): Update your account at:
  5. TIAA (If applicable): Follow the instructions below.

    Graphic showing instructions from TIAA