Schedule Planner for Students

  1. Log in to Campus Connection
  2. Click on the Manage Classes tile
  3. Click on the Schedule Planner tab
  4. Click on the Open Schedule Planner button
  5. You will be prompted to login. You will log in using the same credentials as your Campus Connection log in
  6. Once logged in, select Valley City State University as your institution
  7. At the top of the home page, you'll be able to filter the term, course status, instruction mode, sessions, locations, and which academic career you wish to see when search for courses
  8. Once the correct filters are chosen, click on the Add Course button 
    • You can search for courses by subject, instructor, general education requirement, or OER
  9. Once you've found a course you're looking for click Add Course underneath the course description. This will add the course to your list on the right side of your screen
  10. Once you're done adding courses to your list, click Done at the bottom of the page. This will now take you back out to your home screen
  11. You can add break times to your schedule, for example if you have work or athletic practice, by clicking Add Break
  12. Once you've added all your courses to your list and added any breaks you may need, click Generate Schedules. This will populate a list of available schedules within the filters you've chosen
  13. You can select two or more schedules to compare by clicking into the box next to the magnifying and then clicking Compare or click View next to a schedule option which will open a calendar view of that schedule
  14. You can view each schedule option by click on the arrow in the top right corner of your screen
  15. If you like the time or instructor of a particular class in your schedule and want to make sure you keep that course in your schedule, you can click on the lock icon to keep that particular class locked into your schedule. Once you do that, all other schedule options will adjust. This may mean some schedule options will be eliminated
  16. Once you've picked a schedule to you like, click Validate at the top of your screen. This will either give you a green check mark letting you know you shouldn't encounter issues enrolling in that course, or it will give you a red x and give you the reason that you will have issues. For example, if you have a hold on your account, if you don't meet the pre-requisite requirement, if you've previously taken the course, etc
    • Any holds will need to be reviewed in Campus Connection before enrolling
  17. Once you've reviewed and taken care of any holds, click Send to Shopping Cart
  18. Click the Shopping Cart tab at the top of the page
  19. You will be prompted for permission numbers, instructor selection, credit selection, etc. if necessary, for the course(s)
  20. If your registration is successful, you will receive a notice indicating successful enrollment into the course(s)
    • Classes will show on your student schedule in Schedule Planner and in the Manage Classes tile in Campus Connection

To view this help document with images, please see the attached file.