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10 Paid Holidays
New Year's Day Independence Day
Martin Luther King Day Labor Day
President's Day Veteran's Day
Good Friday Thanksgiving Day
Memorial Day Christmas Day

VCSU Policy V611.11 Holidays

NDUS Policy 19 Holidays

Annual Leave *

Accrues upon employment. Begins at 12 days per year, and increases based on years of service up to a maximum of 24 days. Carryover is permitted up to 240 hours per year. *Exceptions for Presidents, Executive Deans, Provosts, Vice-Presidents

NDUS Policy 6 Annual Leave

Sick Leave

Accrues upon employment at a rate of 12 days per year with unlimited accumulation.

May use up to 80 hours annually for dependent care.

NDUS Policy 7 Sick Leave

Shared Leave

After exhausting all applicable paid time off, an employee may qualify to receive

donated leave.

NDUS Policy 20.6 Leave Sharing Program

Jury Duty

Paid time for jury service

NDUS Policy 20.2 Jury Duty

Funeral Leave

Up to 24 hours of paid time off to attend or prepare a funeral for immediate family of

employee or spouse.

NDUS Policy 20.1 Funeral Leave

Military Duty Leave

Employees are eligible for paid time for the first 20 days of annual military duty and

additional days paid if mobilized after the first 90 days of continuous employment.

NDUS Policy 20.3 Military Leave