Transition to Teaching is an alternative teacher preparation program for new non-traditional teachers, including career-changing individuals, persons with baccalaureate degrees related to teacher-shortage content areas and persons from industry or the military who have specific career-technical skills.

Who may participate?

Individuals who have been granted an Alternative License or a CTE Alternative License. Candidates for the first year of the program must (1) be under contract to a local school district, and (2) possess an Alternative License or CTE Alternative License issued by the Educational Standards and Practices Board or a two-year provisional credential through the Department of Career and Technical Education.

What's Involved?

Participants will join a cohort of new teachers in clinical practice, a combination of professional activities, and planned support within each participant’s own school.

  • Participants are mentored in his/her own school for a full school year. Participants are teamed with a content specialist. This specialist will be an experienced teacher from another school who will be a resource person for subject-specific questions.
  • Participants must attend one of the introduction seminars offered in either August or September. During the academic year participants are required to attend five additional seminars. A schedule will be given at the introduction seminar.
  • Participants will practice, assess, and reflect on the implications of the experience for teaching and learning.
  • Participants will be assigned a University Supervisor. The University Supervisor will observe one lesson per semester and provide feedback and support.
  • Participants will earn university credit for EDUC 492A and EDUC 492B Clinical Practice (student teaching) and for EDUC 250 Introduction to Education. The participant may take courses on campus or online through Valley City State University to fulfill his/her individual program of study.

Transition to Teaching Application Procedures

If you have never taken an undergraduate course from VCSU:

  • Apply as a Non-Degree Student if you plan to enroll only in the Transition to Teaching courses.
  • Apply as a Transfer Student if you plan to earn a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from VCSU.
  • Submit a one-time, non-refundable $35 Application Fee. The fee is payable by mail with a check or money order; by telephone with a credit card; or online with a credit card through the application process.
  • Register for courses. Please contact the Registrar's Office to obtain the course registration form.

If you have previously completed undergraduate coursework at VCSU:

  • Print and complete the Returning Student Form.
  • Register for courses. Please contact the Registrar's Office to obtain the course registration form.
  • You may return all printed and completed forms by mail to the Office of the Registrar, Valley City State University, 101 College St SW, Valley City ND 58072 or by fax to 701.845.7299.

For further assistance:

  • For assistance with the Application for Admission, please email Enrollment Services or call 1.800.532.8641 ext 7101.
  • For assistance with the Returning Student Form or course registration, please email Registrar's Office or call 1.800.532.8641 ext 7295.
  • If you have questions about the Transition to Teaching program, you may email Dr. Amber Aberle or call 701.845.7192.


First Year

The first year Introduction to Education and Clinical Practice courses are offered at a reduced tuition rate with no additional fees. To register for first year courses, please contact Dr. Amber Aberle or Dr. Bob Gette.

Subsequent Years

The remaining courses are available online through Valley City State University. Students pay the regular tuition rate for online undergraduate courses.

You may register online through ConnectND. Instructions are available at


VCSU uses electronic billing (eBills). Statements are not mailed. View your eBills at Campus Connection by clicking on Student Center -> Pay Online Now.

Accounts must be paid in full or other arrangements made by the tuition due date. Due date and tuition cost information can be found at

If your account will be paid by a third party, the third party must submit an authorization to the Business Office by the due date. For more information, visit

Alternative License Course Requirements

Professional Education Sequence Program of Study

First Year Courses

EDUC 492A Clinical Practice Fall 6 Cr

EDUC 492B Clinical Practice Spring 6 Cr

EDUC 250 Intro to Education (Secondary) Spring 3 Cr

Online Professional Education Sequence Courses, offered Fall, Spring or Summer semesters

PSYC 250 Developmental Psychology 3 Cr

EDUC 283 Understanding Cultural Diversity in Ed 3 Cr

EDUC 351 Secondary Practicum 1 Cr

EDUC 352 Culturally Diverse Practicum 1 Cr

EDUC 375 Teaching Reading in the Content Area 2 Cr

EDUC 450 Trends in Assessment & Ed Issues 2 Cr

Online Professional Education Sequence Courses, offered Fall semester

EDUC 240 Educating Exceptional Students 3 Cr

Online Professional Education Sequence Courses, offered Spring semester

EDUC 300 Educational Technology 2 Cr

EDUC 400 Educational Psychology 2 Cr

Additional content courses may be required. Your content expert will review your transcripts and provide you with a list of courses to be included on your program of study if necessary.

The Professional Education Sequence and any content courses that may be required need to be included on your plan of study form. This form can be found at

Admission to the Teacher Education Program requirements:

  • Complete Application
  • Praxis CORE
  • Oral Evaluation
  • Two positive recommendations on your potential as a teacher from the School of Ed/Content Area instructors
  • Positive recommendation from VCSU advisor

CTE Alternative License Course Requirements

Course Requirements

First Year Courses

EDUC 492A Clinical Practice Fall 6Cr

EDUC 492B Clinical Practice Spring 6 Cr

EDUC 250 Intro to Education (Secondary) Spring 3 Cr

Certain content areas require the PRAXIS content exam. The exam must be taken, passed, and recorded by CTE by the June 30th deadline.

A letter from your school administrator recommending that you continue teaching should be sent to your CTE state super- visor.

Second Year Courses

CTE 431 History & Philosophy of CTE Summer/Fall 3 CR

CTE 434 Leadership in CTSOs Summer/Spring 3CR

If you would like to take CTE 431 and 434 as continuing education graduate credits, please register at the following site: Course offerings are available at

CTE Degree Options

There are degree options available for individuals seeking full teacher licensure. Students enrolled in the Transition to Teaching program have the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education (BSED) at Valley City State University. In addition to course requirements listed on the Program of Study, students will need to complete the following items:

The process to change to a degree seeking student includes the following:

  • Contact Dr. Amber Aberle for degree options.
  • Contact Enrollment Services to become degree seeking. Program will include at minimum 30 credits to obtain degree.
  • You will need to be admitted to the Teacher Education Program. Please see Admission to the Teacher Education Program requirements.


Pathways to Complete Teacher License Requirements

K-12 T2T Schedule

Post Secondary Schedule

SEGS Transition to Teaching Observation Report

Contact Information

Secondary Teachers

Contact Program Director: Dr. Amber Aberle at 701.845.7192 or email:

Post-Secondary Teachers/CTE

Contact Dr. Amber Aberle at 701.845.7192 or email:

For questions concerning the EDUC 250 Introduction to Education

Contact David Hanson at 701.845.7195 or email:

Other questions concerning Transition to Teaching/Clinical Practice

Please contact the Dean of the School of Education, Dr. Allen Burgad at 701.845.7184 or email:

or contact Amber Olson, Certification Officer/Program Specialist at 701-845-7189 or email:

VCSU Content Advisors

Students whose program of study includes courses in other content areas should contact an advisor from the list below.

  • Art: Gratia Brown (701.845.7567)
  • Business: Rick Ross (701.845.7182)
  • CTE: Rick Ross (701.845.7182)
  • English: Jodi Shorma (701.845.7440)
  • HPER: Amber Thompson (701.845.7582)
  • Math: Dr. Jamie Wirth (701.845.7734)
  • Music: Jerrold Heide (701.845.7375)
  • Science: Andre Delorme (701.845.7573)
  • Social Science/History: Dr. Steven King (701.845.7108)
  • Technology Education: Dr. Jason Dockter (701.845.7447)
  • Elementary Education: Cindy Zahn (701.845.7191)