In some cases it may be necessary to share your device or classroom web camera to your students as if you are presenting in full screen mode. In order to maximize your webcam for your students in a Teams Meeting you will need to run a camera prior to loading your Teams meeting. 

For PC users, see 

On a Mac / Ipad you can use the "Photo Booth" application and follow these steps:

  • Search and open the Photo Booth application on your Mac / Ipad. 
  • Change to video by clicking the movie reel icon on the bottom right corner of the Photo Booth window.
  • Choose the camera you wish to view full screen by clicking "Camera" from the top menu bar.

NOTE: In the classroom, this is where may want to choose the PTZ or the document camera. Make sure you have the classroom cables plugged into your device in order to select the desired camera. 

  • Start your Teams meeting.
  • Turn off your webcam by clicking the camera image from your Teams tool bar.
    Teams toolbar with disabled webcam
  • Click the "Share" icon in the Teams tool bar
    Team toolbar highlighting the share icon.
  • Select the "Camera" application listed under the Window column. You may have to scroll your mouse down to see the application.

You should now be seeing your camera. For full screen just maximize the camera application window to get more of the camera area. From within the camera application you could switch to another camera just by clicking the "Camera" from the top menu bar.