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Mission Statement 

Empower our VCSU employees and students with active bystander skills through awareness, programming, and education resulting in a culture where violence will not be tolerated and everyone does their part to provide a safe campus.

 What is Green Dot? 

VCSU Green Dot is a bystander training program to help students and VCSU employees gain skills to reduce violence they may see on campus and in the community. The program focuses on reducing power-based personal violence on our campus and to address other social issues that impede progress towards a safe and equitable campus community as stated by the official Green Dot program by Alteristic. Power-based personal violence includes (but not limited to): sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, stalking, and child abuse.

Skills and Terminology

  • Green Dots
    • Reactive Green Dots
      • The choices you make in response to a situation that you think might lead to interpersonal violence. 
        • Example: The 3 D's - Direct, Delegate, & Distract
    • Proactive Green Dots
      • Little things you can do to shift the culture of our campus by making sure Red Dots do not occur.
        • Example: Violence Prevention Sticker or computer background
  • What is Red Dot?
    • Decision to use words or actions to hurt someone else. Including but not limited to sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking.
  • What are Barriers & What Can I Do?
    • Times where we want to get involved when a situation arises but personal or social barriers stop us.
      • Example: assuming someone else will step in or it is "none of my business"

Meet our Coordinators, Facilitators, and Leaders

Kelsie Carter Co-Coordinator Green Dot

Kiersten Baughman Co-Coordinator Green Dot Brigitte Greywater Facilitator Green Dot Tony Dutton Facilitator Green Dot Jackie Owen Facilitator Green Dot Erin Edinger Facilitator Green Dot
Kelsie Carter
VCSU Green Dot Campus Coordinator
Kiersten Baughman
VCSU Green Dot Campus Coordinator
Brigitte Greywater
VCSU Green Dot Campus
Anthony Dutton
VCSU Green Dot Campus
Jackie Owen
VCSU Green Dot Campus
Erin Edinger
VCSU Green Dot Campus

Ekow Ephrim Facilitator Green Dot

Julie Crist Facilitator Green Dot

Jacob Frey Facilitator Green Dot

Deedra Froemke Facilitator Green Dot

Amber Aberle Facilitator Green Dot

Ekow Ephrim
VCSU Green Dot Campus
Julie Crist
VCSU Green Dot Campus
Jacob Frey
VCSU Green Dot Campus
Deedra Froemke
VCSU Green Dot Campus
Amber Aberle
VCSU Green Dot Campus

Michael Baughman Facilitator Green Dot

Sarah Wangrud Facilitator Green Dot

Michael Baughman
VCSU Green Dot Campus
Sarah Wangrud
VCSU Green Dot Campus

Employees and Students Already Trained Tracker - As of September 21, 2021

Students Staff Faculty
492 71

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Student Organization

 Upcoming Events 

  • VCSU Green Dot along with Valley City Green Dot will have a booth at Marketplace on August 25, 2021 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. - We will have games and prizes!!

 Upcoming Trainings 

  • Request a training for your department, class, event, and/or student organization by emailing 
  • 2 types of trainings:
    • Bystander Training
      • VCSU employees and/or students complete a three hour engaging and energetic workshop that focuses on learning and practicing skills used to address power-based violence on our campus and community. 
    • Overview Training
      • A brief, interactive, 90-minute overview session to help employees/students become acquainted with the tools and skills needed to address power-based violence.



  1. North Dakota Resources List
  2. VCSU Resource List
    1. Title IX Coordinator
      1. Kaleen Peterson
    2. Counseling Service Office
      1. Erin Klingenberg, Ph.D, LPCC, NCC
      2. Kelsie Carter, ME.D, LPCC
    3. Health Services
      1. Betty Tykwinski, MSN, RN

Ways to get involved

  • Join our VCSU Green Dot team by helping us plan events, engage with others to create connections on campus and in the community, and enhance your skills of working with a team!
  • Join the VCSU Green Dot Student Organization by emailing or
  • Join the Valley City Community Green Dot group

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