The primary purpose of student publications at Valley City State University are:

  1. Except as permitted by law, all student publications must prohibit the publication or dissemination of libelous or obscene materials, or materials meant to incite imminent lawless action.
  2. All student publications must have a designated faculty or staff advisor.
  3. Student publications must use the VCSU Business Office for financial transactions and as the holder of all financial accounts.
  4. Student publications must restrict advertising that is false, misleading or that promotes illegal activities.
  5. Student publications must contain an appropriate disclaimer stating that the institution is not responsible for the content of the student publication.

The purpose of this policy is to foster and preserve the conditions necessary for a free student press and to protect the right of student journalists.

The following guidelines apply to all student publications officially recognized by VCSU or funded in whole or part by student fees or other institutional funds.

  1. To serve as an instructional tool and a practical training experience for students.
  2. To provide places where student writing and graphics can be published.
  3. To inform the VCSU community about campus events and activities.
  4. To provide a forum for the exchange of information and opinion.
  5. To serve as a historical record of life at VCSU.

University administrators, faculty members and students, except those acting as members of a publication board or as an officer or advisor of a student publication, may not attempt to censure or exercise control over the content of student publications. 

Sponsor: Vice President for Student affairs

Proposed: Fall Semester 2009

Effective: February 2010

Reviewed: Spring 2022