University-Sponsored Student Employee/Student Travel

Requests for students to operate a state vehicle for an event or activity affiliated with a course or program to be submitted on the approved form (Request for Volunteer or Student Driver form) to the Facilities Services Office by the instructor or staff member responsible for the course, program, event, or activity. If the event or activity is not affiliated with a course or program, such as membership in or appointment to student government, NDSA, and NDUS councils and committees, then the student shall submit a request on an approved form to the Facilities Services Office.


Requests for use of a state vehicle by or on behalf of a student group to use a state vehicle must show that the student group is acting on behalf of the institution by its members’ attendance at or participation in a proposed event or activity. Use of state vehicles by members of student groups for private or personal use is prohibited.


University sponsored student travel must be approved by a competent authority. Approvable purposes are University sponsored events/activities at which the University desires representation, with such representation occurring via attendance/participation by the student(s), and/or student organization/club members.

Examples include but are not limited to: trips required by class or directed/independent study curricula (ex. academic field/study and research-related trips, conferences, etc.); local, regional, national conferences and/or competitions, local and/or state student-government; athletic events (restricted to usage of state vehicles by coaches, trainers, and team members); and University-related international travel.


Generally, student travel must be identified and listed on the course syllabi (this includes student research-related travel as may be specified through directed course syllabi, etc.), team travel schedules, student club/organization activities programming schedules, and have prior approval by a competent authority. Short-notice travel incidents may occur and approval will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Student Organizations/Clubs

Student clubs, groups, and organizations are not agents or agencies of the State. Students pay fees to the University so they can receive services (in the form of education) for their personal benefit. The University has the responsibility to provide certain services to the students, which if required or authorized, are formally established and set forth in a program, curriculum, syllabus, schedule, etc.


Since student clubs, groups, and organizations are not under the direction of the University, activities of student groups are not considered State business and will not be covered under the Risk Management Fund.


Refer to NDUS Guide to Authorized use of State Fleet Vehicles.


Collegiate Athletic Teams

Collegiate athletic programs are official state business under the following guidelines:

  1. Team schedules (games and practices) are determined and governed by the institution; their membership rules are promulgated and enforced by the institution, as well as nation and regional regulatory entities.
  2. The conduct of student athletes is controlled and supervised by the institution through institution employees, whose employment consists of coaching, training, and supervising the student athletes.
  3. The collegiate athletic teams are funded by the institution and income produced by their activities is that of the institution.
  4. Driving associated with such activities is fulfilled by regular full-time state employees or outside entities that are contracted by the institution.

Analyzing Requests for Vehicle Use by a Student or Student Group  

Specific guidelines are provided in the VCSU State Fleet Operating Manual are used to determine whether or not the proposed trip is official state business.


Student Recruitment Guidelines

State vehicles should be used solely for the purpose of driving to/from college (from the airport), and touring campus; it is not to be used to drive student around the town or to/from local restaurants, or to/from off-campus locations, etc.


These same transportation services are available to certain identified other students, who are being recruited for their "special talents".


For additional information refer to: Student Recruitment Guidelines

For reimbursement information refer to: VCSU Policy V513: Travel Expenses for Student Recruitment.


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