Federal Regulations require that all institutions participating in Title IV Student Financial Aid Programs establish, publish, and apply standards of satisfactory progress for each student enrolled.

To ensure compliance with these regulations, the following policy governing standards of satisfactory progress for all students attending Valley City State University who apply for financial assistance will be in effect beginning with the Fall term of 1985. Students who fail to meet these standards of satisfactory progress will be ineligible to receive financial assistance as listed below until eligibility has been reestablished.

For the purpose of this policy, financial aid is defined as Pell Grants, Perkins Loans, University Work-Study, State Student Incentive Grants, Stafford Student Loans, Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students and Institutional Scholarships.


In order to be eligible to receive financial aid at Valley City State University, a student must be enrolled, must be in good academic standing, and must be making satisfactory progress toward the completion of a degree, pre-professional, or certificate program.

To be considered in good standing, a student must be eligible to enroll at the University and meet the University's established minimum grade point average requirements. Students on academic suspension will be considered not eligible to receive financial aid.

To maintain satisfactory progress, a full time student is required to complete a minimum of 66% of the credit hours attempted in an academic year. Part-time students (i.e., 3/4 time, 1/2 time, and less than 1/2 time) must also complete 66% of the credit hours attempted in an academic year. On a semester by semester basis, all students must complete a minimum of 25% hours attempted.

A student who continues to meet the minimum satisfactory progress standards according to this policy is eligible to receive financial aid at Valley City State University up to a maximum of 192 credit hours attempted for a baccalaureate program.

All credits transferred to the University and/or credits earned at VCSU as of September 1, 1985 will apply towards the maximum number of credits allowed.


  1. All students, including transfer students, enrolling at Valley City State University for the first time will be assumed to be making satisfactory progress.
  2. Credit hours attempted for each academic term will include the number of hours for which a student is officially registered at the time student financial aid is disbursed at the beginning of each term of the academic year.
  3. Students must be making satisfactory progress according to the requirements of this policy PRIOR to receiving financial aid.
  4. Credit hours completed with a grade of D or better or S if attempted on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis will be used to calculate hours earned per quarter and cumulative hours earned as well as all GPA calculations.
  5. Grades of Failed (F), Unsatisfactory (U), Incomplete (I), Withdrawn (W), and Not Reported (NR), count as credits attempted but not completed and will be applied towards the maximum number of credits attempted.
  6. Courses that are repeated will count in the calculation of hours attempted and completed hours earned if the student receives a passing grade.
  7. Courses taken for audit only will not impact eligibility to receive aid.
  8. Any student who withdraws from the University because of extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the students such as lengthy and serious illness, family emergencies, legal, or emotional reasons and thus fails to make satisfactory progress may appeal to reestablish financial aid eligibility. Such cases will be dealt with on an individual basis by the Financial Aid Committee.


Student academic transcripts will be reviewed at the end of each semester and at the end of each academic year to determine each student's financial aid eligibility status. Those students currently receiving financial aid and who fail to meet these standards of satisfactory progress will receive notification regarding financial aid probation or financial aid suspension by letter. However, since all students are required to meet these standards of satisfactory progress, the academic transcripts of those students who have not previously received financial aid will be reviewed at the time they make application for financial aid and they will be notified regarding their eligibility status at that time.


Students not maintaining satisfactory progress will be allowed one semester of financial aid probation to regain the standards of this policy. Financial aid will be awarded for the semester that a student is on probation. Financial aid eligibility for future semesters will be determined at the end of the probation semester. In certain cases, EXCEPTIONS may be granted by the Director of Financial Aid with approval from the VCSU Financial Aid Committee. For example, a student has been placed on academic probation and completes the following semester with a 2.0 or higher GPA but the cumulative GPA still falls below the minimum standards. In this case, financial aid could be awarded for each succeeding semester at VCSU as long as the student continued to earn at 2.0 or higher GPA on a semester by semester basis as a full-time student. A student who is enrolled and has moved from an academic suspension to a continued on probation status could be reviewed likewise.


Any student failing to meet the standards of this policy and those students on academic suspension will be considered not eligible to receive financial aid.


Any student being dropped from consideration for financial aid per the provisions of this policy may, after successfully completing at least one semester without financial aid at the University, apply and be considered for financial aid. Implicit in this provision is the fact that the student must be in good standing and making satisfactory progress before financial aid eligibility can be reestablished. (i.e., successful completion of 66% of hours attempted and meeting the minimum GPA standards.)

Students who are determined ineligible to receive financial aid will be encouraged to remain in school in order to reestablish their eligibility.

Credit hours earned during the Summer Session at Valley City State University may be used to reestablish eligibility. If, after adding credit hours attempted and earned during the Summer Session to those attempted and earned during the academic year, a student now meets the satisfactory progress standards, the student's eligibility may be reestablished.

Students may reestablish eligibility following a three-year period of non-enrollment at the University.

A student may also reestablish eligibility by completing course work and removing an Incomplete from his/her transcript if he/she meets the Satisfactory Progress requirements.


A student who has been placed on financial aid suspension may appeal by submitting an appeal in writing to the Financial Aid Director. This appeal will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee and the student will be notified regarding the results.

The Financial Aid Committee shall consist of the President or his/her appointed representative, the Vice President for Academic Affairs or his/her appointed representative, the Faculty President, the Director of Admissions, a representative of the Athletic Department, and the Director of Financial Aid. A further appeal of the Committee's decision may be referred in writing to the University Hearings and Appeals Board.

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Reviewed: Winter, 1996

Reviewed Summer, 2005

Revised Number: February 2010