A collaborative student is one who is earning an undergraduate degree from Valley City State University (VCSU) and enrolls at another North Dakota University System (NDUS) institution for specific term.

  • Valley City State University, where you are earning your degree, is your HOME institution.
  • The institution where you are taking additional courses,  but not earning a degree, is your PROVIDER institution.

To register as a collaborative student, the student must:

  1. Be admitted to VCSU as a degree-seeking undergraduate student.
  2. Be enrolled in at least one undergraduate degree credit at VCSU for the term.
  3. Be in good academic and financial standing.
  4. Resolve any negative service indicators preventing enrollment.
  5. Meet all prerequisites or corequisites set by the provider institution.
  6. Be approved to take an overload for the term, which is more than 19 total credits (fall and spring) and 9 concurrent credits (summer), if needed.
  7. Recognize graduate level and correspondence courses are not eligible.

As part of your collaborative registration, VCSU will complete the following on your behalf:

  1. Credits taken at provider institutions will be combined with credits at VCSU for financial aid purposes.
  2. Tuition owed to your provider institution will be added to your bill at VCSU.
  3. Bookstore charges will be added to your account at VCSU.
  4. A transcript from your provider institution will automatically be requested at the end of the semester and credits will transferred to VCSU.

If you have questions about this agreement or registration please contact the VCSU Collaborative Contact at registrar@vcsu.edu, 701-845-7294, or McFarland 219.

Click on the following link to agree to the collaborative process and complete the collaborative request form, Collaborative Student Agreement. 

If you need help with filling out the Collaborative Student Agreement, please visit our Collaborative Registration Form How-to solution.

Click the attachment for the Spring 2021 collaborative schedule of pre-college courses offered on the VCSU campus through Dakota College at Bottineau.

Students enrolled in our dual degree program on the NDSU campus with both a Human Development and Family Science major at North Dakota State University and an Elementary Education major at Valley City State University will complete a specific VCSU Elementary Education Requirement Form available in NDSU's Collaborative Registration Process.