Administration Fee


A mandatory $30.00 administrative fee will be assessed to all Third Party events. 

*This fee is meant to cover the cost of organizing the event by the Event Coordinator.

Building Services (custodial) charges:


Lighting/Sound Technician charges:


*This will be arranged by the Event Coordinator and is required for all third party events 

that require the use of VCSU lighting/sounds systems.

Piano Tuning Fee:


*Work performed by a third party company and is arranged by the Event Coordinator.

Extra Cleaning Charges:


*Extreme cases- decided by the Assistant Director of Facilities Services.

Set-up/Take-down Charges:


Off-hour Utilities: 

0-2 hours: $7.50

2-4 hours: $15.00

4-8 hours: $30.00

*Only required for use of the Field House, Froemke Auditorium, 

Vangstad Auditorium, and Rhoades Science Center Auditorium.

Shelly Ellig Field Lighting: