Extended Learning/Continuing Education

Accessing Campus Connection and Claiming Accounts

Campus Connection is our student information system where students manage their accounts, financial aid, and registration processes. In order to access any VCSU or NDUS services, you must do the following:

  1. Claim your ND University System Campus Connection User ID and Password information by following the instructions at the following link: https://ndus.rightanswers.com/portal/ss/ If you do not know your Student ID (EMPLID), please click on the “What is my EMPLID?” button at the above link.  If you have already claimed your account, you do not have to do this step.
  2. If you have already claimed your account but cannot remember your password, please go to https://ndus.rightanswers.com/portal/ss/ and click "I forgot my NDUS Account Password" and follow the instructions to get your password. If you are unable to reset or change your password, contact the NDUS Help Desk at 866-457-6387
  3. Please save your username and password for this account in a safe place.  Your username and password is private information and is used for all NDUS/VCSU services and may not be shared with others. Giving your login information to others is a violation of VCSU and NDUS Computing Policy.

Now that you have claimed your account, you have access to pay your bills, print unofficial transcripts and register for courses. Use the links below to get started.

Campus Connection - https://studentadmin.connectnd.us/psp/NDCSPRD/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/?cmd=login

Campus Connection Help Documents - https://onestop.vcsu.edu/support/solutions/articles/10000035076 

If you are taking an online continuing education/professional development course in Blackboard through VCSU, please go to the link below for instructions. 

Continuing Education Access to VCSU Blackboard courses