Valley City State University awards scholarships to numerous returning students each year.  The Valley City State University scholarship program is made possible only through the generous donations from alumni and friends.  Students must be enrolled full-time at VCSU to be eligible for scholarships, and be taking a minimum of 3 on campus credits during the award year.  Valley City State University does not award summer scholarships.  Scholarship values and number of scholarships available each year can vary due to current investment rates. To see a list of the individual scholarship programs available through VCSU for current students who will be returning to VCSU, go to the following link:


The application can be found at the following link or by using the scan code below:  (Available November 15 - February 15)

  • Sign in using your VCSU/NDUS username and password.
  • Complete the General Application.
    • Click on "Save and Keep Editing", if you need more time to complete the General Application.
  • Once you have completed the General Application, click on "Finish and Submit".
  • Under the "Opportunities" menu, go to "All" in the dropdown list. 
    • Look for the scholarships that show "Apply". (Not all scholarships require an additional application)
      • If you feel the scholarship opportunity applies to you, click on "Apply" and complete the additional required information. 
        • To see more information about the scholarship opportunity, click on the Scholarship Title.
        • You may need to click on "Show # more" to see the full description
          • Click on "Save and Keep Editing", if you need more time to complete the additional information.
      • Once you have completed the additional information for the scholarship, click on "Finish and Submit".
  • Use the back arrow to get back to the Opportunities page, or go to "All" in the dropdown list under the "Opportunities" menu.
  • Click on the "Next" button on the bottom of the page to see more opportunities.


IMPORTANT:  To be considered for a scholarship based on financial need, current students must complete the FAFSA for next year.