***Stop. Think. Act. plans (stuck on the walls in classrooms/offices)** 

During the night and evening hours (3:00pm-7:00am), there is a night watchman (for building security). You can contact the Power House at 701-845-7708 or Campus Security at 701-248-0443.  The Valley City Police Department canvasses the campus numerous times during the day and night. If there is an emergency, dial 9-911. VCSU's phone system has the capability to allow the police department to see what the phone number, building, and room where 911 was dialed.

Phone numbers to contact in case of a emergency:

701- 845-7708

or call Valley City police 


Campus security


**Instructions to plan for future Emergency:**

Follow the response plan of RACE:

R-RECEIVE: Receive, retrieve, relay and react to the emergency message or alarm.

A-ALERT: Alert others and assist those in need. Use fire alarm ONLY during a fire.

C-CONFINE: Confine the situation by closing all doors and windows.

E-EVACUATE: Evacuate everyone to a designated location if instructed. Area emergency services will arrive shortly.

More information on Emergency Management procedures can be found here:


VCSU strives to maintain a healthy and professional environment for our students, visitors and employees. It is each individual’s responsibility to maintain their workspace in a manner that reflects the Universities' views on cleanliness, professionalism and health and fire safety standards. Office safety and security guidelines/recommendations can be found at  Faculty, staff, students, and non-campus workers should all react to emergencies in the same manner. VCSU created an acronym that will help the campus react efficiently during an emergency.

Student safety tips:

Protect yourself

Protect your living space

Protect your property

Protect your automobile

Protect yourself outside

For more information click here.

Safety Booklet

****Student Safety books are available in various campus offices and in each residence hall at the front desks. The information contained in the booklet is condensed to the basics that student will need to know. For thorough information, please explore this site.*****

VCSU Safety Office:

Safety Coordinator | Risk Management Contact

Jessica Gortmaker


Other Contacts:

Vice President for Student Affairs


Campus Nurse

Betty Tykwinski


Power House

(after hours safety)


Emergency Fire Plan

In each classroom, located next to the doorway, a fire evacuation map exists illustrating the quickest route to safety. Facilities Services will conduct fire drills periodically each year. Treat every alarm as if it were an actual fire. Follow all fire procedures during the drills. It is VCSU's policy that participation in fire drills is mandatory and you may be subject to disciplinary procedures for non-compliance. More information about fire safety can be found at


Emergency Notification System

Click here to find more information about Emergency Notification Systems.

Training - Active Shooter

There are three classes provided for active shooter training:

Employee Emergency Preparedness (1 hour)

Active Shooter (Prerequisite- Employee Emergency Preparedness) (1-2 hours)

Winter Weather (Prerequisite- Employee Emergency Preparedness) (1-2 Hours)

Contact Facilities Services for more information.

Security Personnel

Click here to find more information about Security Personnel.