How to Create a Contact List in Outlook on a PC

Outlook has multiple features including the ability to create Contact Groups. Faculty/Staff may utilize this feature to add students class rosters, etc. 

1. In the Outlook app, open your Contacts by clicking the people icon in the bottom left hand side. 

2. Click on New Contact Group.

3. Name your group. Click on Add Members. You can add individual email addresses or select from your Address book. 

4. Start typing the contact name. Double click the contact to add them to the group. Continue to add multiple contacts. Click Ok when you are finished.

5. Name your group (if you have not done so) and save by clicking Save & Close. 

To use your Contact List, create a new email.Start to enter your Contact Group Name. Select your group. To edit your Contact List, go into Contacts. Select your list and double click to enter additional email addresses.