VCSU Account and Online Course Information

To access your VCSU Blackboard portal, VCSU email and other VCSU online resources please see information below. Your username and password is private information and may not be shared with others. Giving your login information to others is a violation of VCSU and NDUS Computing Policy.

Your account information:

Username: - same as your NDUS/Campus Connection username

Email address:

In order to access any VCSU or NDUS services, you first must claim your NDUS account. If you have not yet done this, please follow these instructions on claiming your account.

Your VCSU password is the same as your NDUS/Campus Connection account password. If you do not know what this password is, please follow these instructions on changing your password.

Login to Services

View our list of services that are available to you.

To get started with VCSU online resources:

  1. DUO / Multi-factor Authentication
  2. Login to Blackboard Portal
    • First open a web browser. The newest version of Firefox, Safari or Chrome are recommended.

    • Go to the Blackboard login page at

    • When prompted for login, use your assigned and password as noted above.

    • You may be prompted with a first time "Profile Setup" window if you have not logged into Blackboard before.
    • To access all VCSU announcements and available web apps, click on the VCSU tab at top of window once logged in.
  3. Course Access

    • Once logged into the Blackboard Portal, you should see a "Courses" tab at top. Select the course you wish to use.

    • Under your course list you should see a course called "Online_Orientation", which is recommended to complete to become familiar with Blackboard.

    • Online courses are usually not available to students until the first day of class. Please contact your instructor if you have questions prior to that time.

  4. VCSU Email / O365

    • You are given a VCSU email account which is the official means of communication and should be accessed regularly for information.

    • To access email or other O365 applications go to If you are logged into Blackboard portal you can also access email by clicking the \'My Email\' tab at the top of page.

    • Log into your VCSU email using your and password as noted above.

    • If you have never logged into your VCSU email, (O365) account, you may be prompted to setup DUO multi-factor authentication.

    • If you need help with DUO, please see our solutions discussing DUO description, activation and setup on different personal devices.

    • All emails sent from your online course(s) will be sent to your VCSU Email account.

  5. Campus Connection

    • Campus Connection is the central information system for all North Dakota University System (NDUS) campuses, including VCSU. As noted earlier, your NDUS credentials are the same as your VCSU credentials.

    • You can access the Campus Connection portal by going to: This is where you view and update your personal and campus information such as:

      • Register for Classes, View Advisor, View Grades/Unofficial Transcripts

      • Manage Financial Account, View eBill, Pay account online

      • View/Accept/Reject Financial Aid

      • Update Addresses/Contact Information

      • View Holds/Checklists

    • When prompted for login, use your assigned and password as noted above.

    • See our Campus Connection help solution, or refer to the "Welcome to CampusConnection" section in the lower right portion of the Campus Connection login page (link shown above) if you need need help.

  6. VCSU One Stop

    • VCSU online system providing a place to access solutions, submit requests, submit forms, chat online and create tickets for multiple departments on the VCSU campus.
    • To search VCSU One Stop system go to
    • To create a ticket please go to
    • To login to the VCSU One Stop site use and password as noted above.
  7. VCSU Bookstore

    • The Bookstore can be contacted Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm (CT)

    • Books may be paid for by check or credit card and can be shipped upon request.

    • For graduate students, textbook requirements by course can be found in the Graduate Newsletter that will be emailed to your VCSU Email near the end of every semester.

    • For undergraduate students, textbook requirements may be obtained from the bookstore.