Students in the VCSU University Apartment Complex will have the option of having their cat or dog live with them. This community is limited to domestic cats and dogs only; other type of pet may be considered on an individual basis.


Students must have prior approval before bringing the animal into the University Apartments Complex. This approval process will be conducted through the Director of Residence Life. A completed application must be completed to begin the process. Failure to comply with VCSU Residence Life policies, the Pet Friendly Contract, and/or reasonable request of Residence Life, may result in a fee assessment for damages or loss, conduct action, or additional action deemed necessary by the University. The Director of Residence Life has the final authority to determine which pets are permitted to reside on campus. If unfavorable, the student will have 5 calendar days to appeal the decision from the date of notification. An appeal letter will be submitted to the Dean for Student Affairs. The Dean for Student Affairs will serve as appellate officer for appeals.



  • The pet friendly residence at VCSU is in the University Apartment Complex.
  • $50 per month pet fee will be assessed to your monthly rent.
  • Pets are limited to domestic cats and dogs (weight restrictions apply).
  • Animal must be 50 pounds or less when fully grown.
  • All cats or dogs must be 6 months old or older before it may live in the University Apartment Complex.
  • Pets must be registered with the city of Valley City prior to move-in at the owner’s expense. Documentation must be provided.
  • Dogs and cats must be spayed or neutered at the owner’s expense.
  • A picture of the pet shall be submitted to the Residence Life department.
  • The owner is financially responsible for the actions of their pet including, but not limited to bodily injury, housing damages, and campus damages. All residents within this community will not hold the Valley City State University liable for any personal or property damages because of the actions of any pet.
  • We encourage cats to have protective nail caps. You will be responsible for any repairs/damages your pet causes.
  • All residents in the pet friendly community must abide by Valley City State University policies and all city, state, and federal laws. Required documents include City of Valley City pet registration, Pet Friendly Residence Contract, verification of rabies vaccine, annual proof of routine veterinarian care,

Occupancy Requirements

  • Students living in the University Apartment Complex pet friendly community must be currently registered students at Valley City State University.
  • Students are limited to one pet per apartment.
  • Roommates living with a pet owner must agree to the terms and conditions of the university pet friendly community.



Contract for University Apartment Complex Pet Friendly Living:

Rules of Conduct

  • I agree to not adopt, procure, or bring a pet of any kind until I receive an approved pet authorization from the Residence Life department.
  • Cat or dog must be always restrained on a leash when not in the animal owner’s apartment or within gated lawn area of the complex (exception when entering or exiting the apartment).
  • Cat or dog will not be permitted in common spaces within laundry rooms, and other residential spaces outside of the designated exercise, and pet friendly areas.
  • Cat or dog will not be permitted in academic/administrative/athletic buildings to attend class, lectures, labs, after hour study labs, practices, meetings, etc.
  • Pet owner may be required to move or remove their animal from their apartment at the discretion of the Residence Life department should other residents of the pet friendly community be impacted negatively by the presence of the pet owner, or its pet.
  • Pet owner is responsible for any damages caused by the pet.
  • A check list of the living space will be completed prior to the animal being allowed in such living space.
  • At check out, a walk-through with original inventory will be completed to determine if damages have occurred and, if so, charges that need to be assessed. These charges include but not limited to any extra floor, window blinds or furniture cleaning or repair (including odor) required due to the presence of the animal.
  • Pet owner is responsible for regular care and cleaning of the animal and the area in which it is maintained to avoid damage to university facilities, odor, or disease (including but not limited to flea and/or tick infestation) and in a manner such that the living space’s cleanliness is the same as living spaces without an animal. Animal’s waste must be immediately disposed of by the owner and placed in outside trash dumpsters. If a situation occurs that requires emergency clean-up, VCSU staff (or designee) will perform such clean-up at the rate of $100 per hour, which will be charged to the owner.
  • Dog feces must be bagged at the time the animal goes to the bathroom and disposed of in the dumpster located in the southwest corner of the complex.
  • Cat litter boxes must be bagged and disposed of in the dumpster located in the southwest corner of the complex.   Cat owners must have a litter box in the room and must care for the litter box through these requirements.
  • If an animal poses a risk due to disease or infection to other pets or students of the VCSU community the owner must inform Residence Life staff within 24 hours of discovery. At the direction of Residence Life staff, the owner may be asked to remove and quarantine their animal by removing the animal from the owner’s apartment until such time as a veterinarian can medically clear the animal and provide written proof to the Residence Life staff that the animal is healthy and can return to the owner’s apartment. This will be done at the owner’s expense.
  • An animal may not be left unattended for a period (including but not limited to out-of-area travel) that interferes with or prevents the appropriate care for the animal and/or maintenance of the living space. During such periods, the owner’s animal must be removed from campus or cared for by a designated friend/family member and the owner continues to be responsible that all such care complies with all provisions of the pet friendly contract during their absence.
  • Short-term care (owner away for no more than two days/nights) may be provided by an authorized individual.  The animal may not stay in another location on campus.
  • The animal may not disrupt others by noises, odors, or other behaviors.
  • A student’s animal that is not maintained in a clean, noise-free, odor-free, and disease-free environment in conformance with this pet friendly contract or in a manner that creates a continued nuisance for other residents, as determined by Residence Life, is subject to removal.
  • An owner shall notify Residence Life if their animal is missing and cannot be immediately located.
  • Pets will not be left unattended in the common outdoor space of the university apartment complex.

By the signature below the pet owner agrees and attests that they understand and agree that should any of the terms and conditions of this Pet Friendly Contract be violated, Residence Life may terminate this contract and prohibit the pet owner, and/or the pet owners’ roommate - from maintaining an animal in University Apartment Complex upon written notice by Residence Life to the pet owner, and/or roommate.

Printed name of Pet Owner: ______________________________________________________________

Signature of Pet Owner: _________________________________________________________________

Date: _____________________


Printed name of Roommate (if applicable): __________________________________________________

Signature of Roommate (if applicable): _____________________________________________________

Date: _____________________

Sponsored by Vice President for Student Affairs

Effective: 02/21/2022