As a new student, employee or staff, you will need to claim your NDUS account prior to logging into VCSU services.

  • Open your web browser and go to: 
  • Click on Claim my Account on the top left hand side of the NDUS Main Account Screen.
    NDUS Account Main Screen with Claim my Account circled.NDUS Main Account Screen



  • You will be redirected to a Welcome video from the Chancellor. Watch the video, and click Claim your NDUS Account at the bottom left of the video.
  • Click Continue
  • The screen will display your University System username (typically in the firstname.lastname format). You should use this when you log in to Campus Solutions, VCSU Services and other University System services.
    Claim User Account request for Empid and birthdate.EMPLID Activation Popup Window


  • Click Continue
  • Enter and confirm a new password
    • The password must contain between 12 and 16 characters and cannot contain any of the following:
      i. < > {space} * or ,
      ii. No common passwords
      iii. Password cannot be a dictionary word
      iv. Previous 10 passwords
  • Click change password
  • Enter an alternative email address for recovery
  • Click Save

Note - If need further support regarding your NDUS account, please contact the NDUS Help Desk at 866-457-4387.