Faculty travel falls into two categories for preauthorization: Out-of-State and In-State.

  1. For Out-of-State travel, faculty are required to complete the 'Request for Travel' form (AA-2). This form collects information helpful in making approval decisions when travel funds are limited, and documents items eligible for reimbursement. This form must be completed prior to travel.
  2. Approval for in-state travel must be secured from the appropriate supervisor prior to scheduling the use of a state vehicle. If reimbursement will be sought for meals, mileage, or accommodations, Form AA-2 (Request for Travel) must be completed.

Faculty will submit AA-2 Faculty Travel Preauthorization  for such travel.  The form is located in BlackBoard.  Click on Tools and then choose the My Web Applications tile.  Finally click on Faculty Travel Preauthorization V706.03.01.

Refer to policy V706.03.01 for the complete definition and procedure.