Creating a "button(s)" in the course menu  

Create a common course menu to maintain efficient navigation for your users. See attached Common Course Button Template for VCSU standard menu item names and types. Our goal at VCSU is to limit the number of "buttons" included in the course not to exceed 12. 

  • Select the Add Menu Item icon above the course menu to open the menu. 
  • Select the type of content to create and type a name. Complete any other required text boxes, such as URL for Web Link. 
  • Select the Available to Users check box if you're ready for students to see it. You can create content ahead of time, hide the link, and then show the link at the appropriate time. 
  • Select Submit. A link to the new content appears on the course menu.
           If you link to content hidden from students, the link in the course menu is also hidden. To make the course menu link visible, first make the content available.

  Course Menu Components  

This table lists the types of content and tools you can add to the course menu. You should also include divider lines to help visually organize the links for your students.

Options Descriptions
Content Area Content areas are the top-level course areas and hold all of your course materials. You create, link, and manage them on the course menu.
After you create a content area, you add content to it, such as online lectures, multimedia, tests, and communication tools. More Info on Content Area 
Blank Page You can include files, images, and text together on one page. With the editor, you have creative control over how your content appears and the flexibility to change the order and appearance when you want. Students select the title in the content list to view the content. No description appears with the title, so you want to be sure to use a meaningful title. This content type saves screen real estate and reduces the amount of scrolling. More Info on Blank Page 
Tool Link Create a link to an available tool in your course, such as the calendar or journals. You can also create a link to the Tools page.
Course Link You can create a shortcut to an item, tool, or area in your course for quick access to relevant materials.
Web link You can link to an outside website or resource.
Module Page A module page is a specialized content page that presents content in boxes, such as on a course Home Page. Students can keep track of tasks, tests, assignments, and new content created in the course. You can't add your own content to a module page. The system generates the information in each module.
Subheader*  A subheader is unlinked text. You can group related links below a subheader to help students find information. *NOT USED AT VCSU 
Divider A divider is a line that visually divides the course menu into sections. After you create a divider, you can move it to another position.