1. Log into Campus Connection
  2. Click on the tile 'Manage Classes'
  3. Click on ' Class Search and Enroll'
  4. Pick which term & university you are trying to enroll in (for courses at other NDUS institutions, please fill out the Collaborative Registration Form)
  5. Click into the 'Search for Classes' box and start searching by entering course, subject, class, or topic 
  6. In the search results, select the course you're looking for by clicking into its box. If there are multiple sections of the course, select which one you want by clicking on the arrow
  7. In 'Review Class Selection' check for class section accuracy. To view description, prerequisite requirements, and if permission numbers are needed, click on the blue hyperlinked 'Lecture - Class ####' under the Class section

  8. Once you have selected your class, click 'Next' in the top right corner to proceed 
  9. If a permission number is required, enter the number then click 'Accept.' If no permission number is required, continue to next step by clicking 'Accept'
  10. Select 'enroll' or 'add to shopping cart,' then click 'Next'
  11. On the Review and Submit page, if everything looks accurate, click 'Submit'
  12. On the Confirmation page, it will show whether the class was added successfully or if there was an error and how to proceed.
    • For an error about a hold on your account, go to the Tasks and Communications tile and click on each hold for more details.
    • For other error reasons, go to Course Override for more information.  
  13. Click on 'View My Classes' on the left navigation bar to view your enrolled classes. 

To view this help document with pictures, please see the attached file.