Rooms/Room Assistance

Building Hours

7:30 am-10:00 pm M-R and 7:30 am-4:30 pm F.  If you will need to have students in a campus building after hours or on a weekend, please discuss the situation with your Department Chair and contact Facility Services for the correct reporting process


Any changes in your scheduled usage of classrooms should also be noted in the Registrar’s Office.

Scheduling College Credit Classes & Other Academic Activities

Regular classes, make-up classes, and labs (all classes that are scheduled through ConnectND) are scheduled by the Registrar’s Office.

Other Academic Activities (scheduled study tables, ACT testing, portfolio presentations, etc.) require the submittal of the online VCSU Department Event Approval Form document and is scheduled by Event Services or the appropriate administrative assistant.

Scheduling Department Activities

Pre-planned department meetings or other gatherings which require the reservation of a department conference room or other room on the VCSU campus require the submittal of the online VCSU Department Event Approval Form and is scheduled by Event Services or through the appropriate administrative assistant.


Scheduling Other Campus Special Events (University Related and Third Party Groups)

These events include all activities sponsored by departments through the campus-­‐ intended for students, staff or the general public. Examples include concerts, presentations, job fairs, programs, graduations, farewell celebrations and other events that fall under the definition of a Special Event. These events require the submittal of the online Special Event Approval Form and are scheduled by Event Services.


Scheduling Student Center Events

All scheduling in the Student Center is to be done through the Information Desk staff. The Information Desk staff will ensure availability and that all forms are filled out to be consistent with the rest of the event scheduling done by VCSU (including Facilities Use Agreements and gathering proof of insurance or waivers, as necessary). The Information Desk staff will schedule these events in AdAstra as well as any other calendars used in the Student Center event scheduling process.

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Work Orders

Work Order Requests for assistance from the Facilities Services staff (e.g. moving equipment, instruments, furniture) must be submitted to Facilities Services no later than one week prior to the task. Information about the online work order system:


Car and Travel

Parking Permits

Campus parking permits are sold online via ConnectND through HRMS. Information regarding permit purchase, parking lots, fees and fines can all be found at


State Fleet Vehicle Usage

A limited number of state vehicles are available for faculty and students on official business (tours and recruitment). Refer to VCSU’s State Fleet Usage Policy and SBHE 512 Student Drivers and Use of State Vehicles by Student Groups. More information about State Fleet Vehicle usage can be found at . .


All faculty using state vehicles must have completed a defensive driving course (see Facilities[SB1]  Services for details). Advance approval to use a state vehicle must be obtained from the immediate supervisor (Travel Authorization formAA-­‐2). The online Vehicle Request Form can be found at Keys for the vehicle and garage are signed out through Facilities Services. Cars must be returned to the garage clean and full of gas (state credit cards and instructions in glove compartments). Each state fleet driver must have a Driver ID (issued by ND State Fleet Services and is required forfueling). The request form can be found at .


Road Reports

When preparing to travel be sure to check weather and road reports. For information on current road conditions click .