AA-2 Faculty Travel Preauthorization
AA-04 Annual Faculty Report
AA-5a Evaluation, Tenure, Promotion Cover Page
AA-5b Departmental Committee Recommendation Form
AA-5c Department Chair Recommendation Form
AA-5d Faculty Evaluation Administrative Recommendations (Non-Tenured Faculty)
AA-5d President's Decision
AA-6a Faculty Evaluation Third Year Special Review
AA-6b Tenure Promotion Review
AA-6e VPAA/President Evaluation Form (Non-Tenured Faculty)
AA-08 Petition for Academic and Scholastic Standing Committee
AA-09 Faculty Qualifications Audit
AA-14 Bachelor of University Studies Degree Plan
AA-15 Leave Without Pay Application Form
AA-16 Leave Without Pay Recommendation Form
AA- 19 Faculty Award of Excellence Nomination
AA-20 Faculty Evaluation, Tenure, and Promotion Rubric
AA-20a Service Guidelines - Appendix A and Worksheet A
AA-21 Faculty Self-Evaluations Portfolio Help Document
AA-22 Faculty Field Trip Request Form
AA-28 Class Observation Record
AA-29 Report on Part-Time Faculty
AA-31 Special Course Approval
AA-32 Faculty Appointment Memorandum: Departmental Recommendations
AA-33 Faculty Appointment Memorandum: Recommendation of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and President of the University
AA-34 Prior Learning Assessment Request for Experiential Credit
AA-35 Instructor Request For Change of Student Grade
AA-35i Contract for Incomplete ("I") Grade
AA-36 Student Request For Change In Final Exam Schedule
AA-37 Faculty Request For Change In Final Exam Schedule
AA-38 Faculty Check-out Procedure For Full-Time and Part-time Faculty
AA-39 Grade Appeal Form
AA-44 Faculty Report of Academic Integrity/Dishonesty
AA-45 Notice of Degree Completion/Automatic Promotion in Rank
AA-51 Department Chair Performance Review
AA-60 Office of Graduate Studies and Research Application for Independent Study
Annual Program Update Instructions and Rubric
Faculty Evaluation, Tenure, and Promotion Checklist
Report of Faculty Absence