SBHE Policy Manual Index

NDUS Procedures Index

Section 300

Section 301 [Organization]

301.1 [Organization & Titles of Institutions Governed by the State Board of Higher Education]

V301.01 Defining Commitments (2017)

Section 302 [Committees/Boards]

302.1 [Academic and Student Affairs Committee]

302.2 [Audit Committee]

302.3 [Budget and Finance Committee]

302.4 [Councils]

V302.04.01 VCSU Committee Structure (2022)

302.7 [Governance and Research Committee]

V302.09 VCSU Employee Liability Exposure (2016)

Section 303 [Board Operations]

303.1 [Board Meetings and Agendas]

303.2 [NDUS Strategic Plan and Objectives; Institution Strategic Plans]

Section 304 [Chancellor/Commissioner]

304.1 [Chancellor Commissioner of Higher Education Authority & Responsibilities; Contract Term] 

Section 305 [Presidents]

305.1 [Institution President Authority and Responsibilities; Contract Terms] 

Section 306 [Chancellor's Staff]

306.1 [Compliance Office Charter]

306.2 [Internal Audit Charter]

Section 307 [Institutional Organization]

307.1 [Institutional Organization Notice and Approval]

V307.01 Administrative Designations of Responsibility (2017)

V307.02 Academic Department Chairs (2022)

307.3 [Branch Campus Governance and Organization]

Section 308 Code of Conduct

308.1 [Officer and Employee Code of Conduct]

V308.01 VCSU Employee Code of Conduct (2011)

308.2 Required Reports of Violations; Reprisal or Retaliation Prohibited

308.3 [Political Activities]

V308.02 University Health & Safety (2020)

V308.03 Workers Compensation - Return to Work (2014)

308.4 [Conflict of Interest]

Section 310 [Board President/Board Members]

310.1 [Board Member Responsibilities] 

310.2 [Board Officers; Officer Responsibilities; Elections] 

Section 330 [Policy Introduction, Amendment, Passage]

Section 331 [Approval of College and University Constitutions by the Board]

V331 Approval of VCSU Constitution (2017)

Section 340 [Other Entities]

340.1 [State Forester]

340.2 [Nonprofit Affiliates]

V340.02 VCSU Foundation Memorandum of Agreement (2021)

Section 350 [Other Boards]

350.1 [State Board of Agricultural Research and Education]

350.2 [Work Force Training Boards] 

350.3 [School of Medicine and Health Sciences Advisory Board; Reports]