SBHE Policy Manual Index

NDUS Procedures Index

Section 900

V900.01 VCSU Student Center (2022)

V900.02 Faculty Materials Center Policy (2017)

Section 901 [Campus Planning and Facilities Management]

Section 902 [Definitions]

902.1 [Construction Process - Legislative Approval; List of Funding Requests]

902.3 [Requests for Construction, Renovation, & Remodeling; Change Orders; Changes in Project Scope or Size]

902.5 [Construction Process - Architects, Engineers and Construction Managers]

902.11 [Fire and Tornado Coverage]

902.12 [Building Name]

Section 903 [Sale or Removal of Buildings]

Section 905 [Special Assessments]

Section 906 [Emergency Preparedness and Management; Continuity of Operations; Security]

Section 907 [Building Plaques]

Section 908 [Financing Through Revenue Bonds]

Section 909 [Real Property Leases]

V909.01 Short-Term Facilities Rental (2010)

Section 910 [Transfer of Real Property]

910.1 [Development of State Land] 

Section 914 [Easements]

Section 916 [Campus Security]

V916 Campus Security Policy (2015)

 916.1 [Possession of a Firearm or Dangerous Weapon in a Campus Residence]

V916.01 Firearms/Weapons (2018)

V916.02 Severe Weather & Institution Closure (2021)

V916.03 Animals on Campus (2012)

V916.04 Building Access (2020)

V916.05 Viking Card Terms and Conditions (2020)

Section 917 [Smoke-Free Facilities]

V917 Tobacco Free Campus (2022)

Section 918 [Alcoholic Beverages]

V918 Alcoholic Beverages (2015)

V918.01 Football Tailgating with Alcohol Policy (2022)