The following links will take you to read more about specific policies that you should know.

V.406.01.02: Final Examination Policy

Every course has a final activity during Finals Week. This activity may be an exam, a presentation, or a project. This policy describes expectations of the students and instructors regarding the final exam.

V.530.01: Academic Integrity

Students are expected to complete their own work and cite outside sources. This policy describes what is considered a violation of academic integrity and the sanctions that occur when violated. Citation assistance can be found in several locations, such as the Purdue's Online Writing Lab or the VCSU library’s Citation Guide.

V.530.02: Student Rights 

Students have specific rights both in and out of the classroom. This policy describes these rights.

V.530.03 Scholastic Standing 

This policy describes the meaning behind credits and grades. It also discusses the Incomplete Policy.

V.530.06 Add/Drop Course Policy

This policy describes procedures in adding, dropping, and withdrawing from a course. 

V.530.07 Grade Complaint Policy 

Students may not always agree with the grade they receive. This policy outlines the procedures students can take to challenge a grade.

V.530.08 Student Attendance Policies

This policy describes student attendance expectations and actions.

V.530.09 Academic Advising

Academic Advisers are important in assisting students with academic progress. This policy discusses the expectations of academic advising.

V530.11: Expectations of Students Taking Online Courses

Students are expected to take an active part in their education by following these established expectations for success in their learning in online courses. This policy serves also to inform students of the nature and uniqueness of an online course, minimum technical and computer literacy skills, and the behavioral and time management expectations to be successful in the course.

V.531.01 Student Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress

The following policy notes standards of satisfactory progress for all students attending Valley City State University who apply for financial assistance. Students who fail to meet these standards of satisfactory progress will be ineligible to receive financial assistance as listed below until eligibility has been reestablished.