SBHE Policy Manual Index

NDUS Procedures Index

Section 500

Section 501 [Reserved for Dormitory Matters]

V501 Required University Residence Policy (2017)

Section 503 Reserved

V503.01 Free Speech and Expression (2019)

Section 504 [Resident Tuition Law and Guidelines]

Section 505 [International Student Health Insurance]

Section 506 [Student Health Issues]

506.1 [Immunization; TB Testing]

V506.01 Immunization: TB Testing (2017)

V506.02 Policy on Significant Infections Diseases (2016)

V506.03 VCSU Student Athlete Substance Abuse Policy (2016)

Section 507 [Student Publications]

V507.01 Student Publications (2010)

Section 508 [Student Loan and Scholarship Programs]

508.1 [STEM Student Loan Program-Teacher Shortage Loan Forgiveness Program] 

508.2 [North Dakota Academic and Career and Technical Education Scholarships]

Section 509 [Professional Student Exchange Programs]

Section 510 [Rights of Students Called to Active Military Service]

Section 511 [Student Criminal History Background Checks]

V511 Student Criminal History Background Checks (2010)

Section 512 [Student Drivers and Use of State Vehicles by Student Groups]

V512 Student Drivers and Use of State Vehicles by Student Groups (2014)

Section 513 VCSU Travel Expenses for Student Recruitment

V513 Travel Expenses for Student Recruitment (2010)

Section 514 [Due Process Requirements for Student Conduct That May Result in Suspension or Expulsion]

Section 520 VCSU Student Life

V520.01 Code of Student Conduct (2016)

V520.02 Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual and Related Misconduct (2018)

V520.05 Policies and Regulations for Student Organizations (2016)

V520.06 VCSU Emotional Support Animal Policy (2020)

V520.07 Recreational Equipment (2016)

Section 530 VCSU Student Academic Affairs

V530.01 Academic Integrity (2015)

V530.02 Student Rights (2010)

V530.03 Scholastic Standing (2016)

V530.04 University Hearings and Appeals Board (2005)

V530.05 Academic Probation and Suspension (2020)

V530.06 Add/Drop Course Policy (2020)

V530.07 Grade Complaint Policy (2020)

V530.08 Student Attendance Policies (2010)

V530.09 Academic Advising (2016)

V530.10 Student Load Policy (2020)

V530.11 Expectations of Students Taking Online Courses (2013)

V530.12 Student Internships (2017)

V530.13 VCSU Student-Athlete Policy for the NAIA Senior Exception (2017)

Section 531 VCSU Student Financial Aid

V531.01 Student Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Policy (2005)