SBHE Policy Manual Index

NDUS Procedures Index

Section 600

Section 601 [Recruitment]

601.1 [Presidential Search]

V601.04 Selection and Appointment Procedures for Full-Time Tenure Track Positions (2010)

V601.05 Selection and Appointment Procedures for Temporary and Part-Time Faculty (2010)

Section 602 [Appointments]

602.2 [Report on Faculty Appointments] 

602.3 [Job Applicant and Employee Criminal History Background Checks]

602.03 VCSU Criminal Records Check Policy (2017)

Section 603 [Non-Discrimination]

603.1 [Harassment]

V603.01.01 Sexual Harassment (2019)

603.2 [Equal Employment Opportunity]

V603.02 VCSU Equal Opportunity Employment Plan (2018)

603.3 [Nepotism]

V603.03 Nepotism (2018)

Section 604 [Performance Evaluations]

604.1 [Performance Evaluations: Presidents]

604.2 [Performance Evaluation: Chancellor]

604.3 [Performance Evaluations: Benefited Employees]

V604.03.01 Faculty Excellence Award (2018)

Section 605 [Faculty]

605.1 [Academic Freedom and Tenure; Academic Appointments]

V605.01 Faculty Appointments (2020)

V605.01.01 VCSU Tenure Procedures (2019)

V605.01.02 Faculty Evaluation (2015)

V605.01.03 Faculty Promotion (2019)

V605.01.04 Faculty Qualifications (2019)

605.2 [Standing Committee on Faculty Rights]

V605.02 VCSU Standing Committee on Faculty Rights (2007)

605.3 [Non-Renewal, Termination or Dismissal of Faculty]

V605.03 Non-renewal, Termination or Dismissal and Sanction of Faculty Members (2007)

605.4 [Hearings and Appeals]

605.5 [Mediation]

V605.05 Mediation (2012)

V605.09 Faculty Responsibilities (2010)

V605.09.01 Expectations of Faculty Course Components (2019)

V605.10 Faculty Development (2011)

V605.12 Class Schedules (2015)

V605.13 Office Hours and Faculty Presence (2020)

V605.14 Faculty Absence Reporting Policy (2014)

V605.15 Reporting of Student Absence (2010)

V605.16 Reporting Grades and Academic Progress (2016)

Section 606 [Classification]

606.1 [Classification - Higher Education Employees] 

Section 607 [General]

607.0 [Application of Human Resource Policy Manual; Compensation and Benefits]

607.1 [Legal Representation]

607.4 [Sick and Dependent Leave; Family Leave] 

V607.04 Faculty Sick Leave (2019)

V607.05 Nursing Mothers (2012)

Section 608 [Employment Contracts]

608.2 [NDUS Employees--Non-Renewals and Dismissals]

608.3 [Professional Staff Compensation] 

Section 609 [Communications Proficiency]

V609 Communications (language) Proficiency for Faculty (2018)

Section 610 [Oath for Teachers]

Section 611 [Employee Responsibility and Activities]

611.1 [Employee Responsibility & Activities: Medical Service Plan-UND Medical School]

611.2 [Employee Responsibility and Activities: Intellectual Property]

V611.02 Employee Responsibility and Activities: Intellectual Property (2016)

611.4 [Employee Responsibility and Activities: Conflict of Interest]

611.5 [Employee Resp. and Activities: Outside Employ. or Consulting Practices; Use of Institution Property]

V611.05 External Professional Activities (2019)

611.6 [Employee Responsibility and Activities: Confidential Proprietary Information]

611.8 [Employee Responsibility and Activities: Research on Human Subjects]

V611.08 Establishment And Structure Of An Institutional Review Board (2010)

611.9 [Selection of Textbooks and Other Curricular Materials]

V611.09 Selection of Textbooks and Other Curricular Materials (2019)

611.10 [Employee Responsibility and Activities: Theft, Fraud, Abuse and Waste]

611.11 [Employee Responsibility and Activities Cellular Phones and Other Mobile Devices]

V611.11 Holidays (2015)

V611.14 Reporting and Investigating Theft and Fraud (2009)

V611.16 Flexible Scheduling Policy (Flex Time-Staff) (2018)

Section 612 [Faculty Grievances]

V612 Faculty Grievance Policies and Procedures (2012)

Section 614 [Hazardous Substances Information Program]

Section 615 [Drug Free Workplace]

V615 VCSU Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy (2015)

Section 616 [Career and Technical Program Instructor Certification Standards]

Section 620

V620 Resignations (2014)

Section 625

V625.01 Academic Administrative Assistant Guidelines (2012)